How Do You Choose the Right Duramax Diesel Engine Oil?

How Do You Choose the Right Duramax Diesel Engine Oil?

Compatible oils can be identified on the official Duramax Warranty website. The right fuel type for each engine is also listed on the Duramax Hub website.

Owners of vehicles with Duramax engines have three main choices when it comes to engine oil, if purchasing oil from Duramax. The options are a fully synthetic oil, high mileage oil and a synthetic blend.

The correct type depends on a number of factors including vehicle type and level of use. According to the official Duramax Warranty website, the engine of a vehicle that has done more than 75,000 miles will benefit most from its specially formulated high mileage oil. High mileage oils from Duramax include anti-wear additives and friction modifiers to reduce the amount of wear on the engine. High mileage oils can also be used to reduce sludge and engine deposits that form due to high engine temperatures caused by long drives.

Full synthetic motor oils are compatible with gasoline powered cars, SUVs, vans and light trucks. These oils are formulated to reduce the level of oil consumption, extend engine life and promote clean engines. Each fully synthetic oil is compatible with other mineral and synthetic oils. Synthetic blends from Duramax are also compatible with modern gasoline cars, SUVs, light trucks and vans and can be used in any GM or Chevrolet vehicle with a Duramax engine installed.

Non-Duramax branded oils compatible with the Duramax diesel engine include AMSOIL. Notes on compatibility with particular engine types and vehicles can be found on