How Do You Choose the Right Camper Shells?

How Do You Choose the Right Camper Shells?

Choose the right camper shell by measuring the truck bed, picking the height and choosing the overall look to get the right match for your truck. Ask the dealer about what types of hardware match your truck's rails and lines so that there are no problems following its installation.

  1. Measure the truck bed

    Measure the truck bed so that you have the exact figures when you go tot the shop. Even if a camper shell is made for your specific truck, these numbers ensure the proper fit.

  2. Pick the height

    View photos at the dealer or online to determine what a truck like yours looks like with a high-profile camper shell or one that is even with the top of the truck's cab. Select the one you want using these photos and by determining what you're going to use the camper shell for.

  3. Choose the style

    Look at the various styles to determine what looks best and suits your needs. Match the color as closely as possible, but decide you whether you want pinstripes or windows.

  4. Ask about hardware

    Ask the dealer about what type of hardware works best for your camper shell and truck. You may need to purchase something different if you choose a shell that was not specifically made for your truck bed.