How Do You Choose the Right 12-Volt Battery for Your Tractor?

How Do You Choose the Right 12-Volt Battery for Your Tractor?

To choose the right 12-volt battery for your tractor, consider the cold cranking amps rating of the vehicle, the dimensions of the battery compartment, the battery size and the battery construction. Choose a battery that fulfills or exceeds the tractor manufacturer's specifications as given in the owner's manual.

The cold cranking amps, or CCA, rating indicates the amount of power the battery can generate at zero degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds. Select batteries with a high CCA rating tend to perform better at low temperature weather conditions.

Choose a battery of the right size. Smaller batteries need to be specially strapped in the battery trays, and larger batteries may not fit. Measure the depth, height and width of the battery compartment to select a battery of the right group size.

Additionally, choose a 12-volt battery whose terminal positions are the same position as the original battery. This helps to avoid issues concerning cable length and proper connections.

Some automotive and tractor batteries contain metal plates dipped in a solution of sulfuric acid. Such batteries get discharged with time, even if the vehicle is not in use. To avoid these problems, opt for batteries in which calcium is incorporated in the metal plates. These batteries can also withstand the impact and vibrations tractors undergo when in motion.

If you need a low-maintenance tractor battery, opt for an absorbed glass mat or gel cell battery. These batteries do not require distilled water refills and eliminate problems pertaining to battery spills.