How Do You Choose Rear Semi-Truck Fenders?

How Do You Choose Rear Semi-Truck Fenders?

Factors to consider when buying rear semi-truck fenders include price, durability and aesthetic appeal. Semi-truck fenders are available in polymer, stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Deep-draw fenders offer significant protection from flying debris.

Polymer fenders are the least expensive of all the materials and therefore a good choice for people on a tight budget. These fenders are durable and work well in harsh road conditions. There are many color options available for polymer fenders to fit various tastes and preferences.

Stainless steel fenders are relatively low maintenance and easy to polish and wash. They are mid-priced and popular for their smooth mirror finish.

Aluminum fenders are a good alternative to stainless steel for people looking for a similar polished look at a lower price. Although they are sufficiently durable for most road applications, they are not as durable as their stainless steel counterparts.

Fiberglass fenders are good for show trucks or for people looking into easily customizable fenders. The fenders are easy to paint, making them convenient for fitting an existing truck color scheme. They offer more comprehensive wheel coverage, with some options completely encasing the axles.

Rear semi fenders are important safety features because they protect the trucks and surrounding motorists from flying debris. All semi-trucks are required to at least have quarter fenders. People looking for additional protection can opt for deep-draw fenders, which offer additional coverage.