How Do You Choose a Pickup Truck Bed From a Salvage Yard?

Choose a pickup truck bed from a salvage yard by researching the yard first to determine its credibility, then measuring the dimensions of the current truck bed as well as taking note of its make, model and year before visiting the yard. Look for the same make and model of truck for the best fit, though some other models in matching sizes may suffice in certain circumstances.

Salvage yards often sell car and truck parts at a lower price due to the used nature of the components, though many yards do not offer the same buyer protection and warranty coverage that comes with new models. As such, buyers need to research potential salvage yards to ensure the quality of the parts they sell as well as identify any signs of past legal issues, such as frequent name changes for the business. Buyers should also find out what forms of payment the yard accepts, with many only accepting cash, as well as if there is any return policy.

After choosing a year, buyers need to obtain the full dimensions of the truck bed, including the length, width and depth of the lining as well as the outer walls. At the yard, buyers need to look for the same make and model of truck to guarantee bed compatibility. When looking at other models, buyers need to check the size as well as the shape of the bed, as areas such as wheel wells may not match completely.