How Do You Choose Paint Colors for a Car?

How Do You Choose Paint Colors for a Car?

Choose paint colors based on the car's theme or the driver's personal preference. For example, a hot rod may look better painted in bright colors and a sedan in darker or more muted colors. Drivers can also choose a color based on the car's primary function and the attention they seek for their automobiles.

There are a number of things drivers should consider before choosing new colors for their cars, and it should not be a rushed decision. Follow the steps below to arrive at a color choice.

  1. Pick a theme
  2. Look at the entire car and pick a theme. If the car is a high-tech, luxury automobile, choose rich, deep colors. A 1950s-style car looks best when painted with colors from that era.

  3. Consider the car's function
  4. If the car's primary function is simply to get the driver back and forth to work, skip the fancy paint colors. These colors can be retouched inexpensively. If the car is for a show, for example, opt for a more expensive color scheme.

  5. Choose a unique color
  6. Choose a color that is unique or has not been used too many times to help it stand out, if that is the desired goal.

  7. Ask for opinions
  8. When in doubt, ask for opinions from friends, family members and others who have good taste.

  9. Remain open to advice
  10. Talk to an automotive paint professional and be open to the advice this person gives.