How Do You Choose a Paint Color for a Truck?


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One way to select a paint color for a truck is to look at the most frequently purchased colors of trucks, which in 2015 are white, silver and black, according to Kelly Blue Book. If resale is a consideration, a popular color is a good choice. Some say that vehicles painted in bright colors such as yellow, orange or green are less likely to be stolen. For those living in a hot climate, light colors may keep a vehicle cooler.

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How Do You Choose a Paint Color for a Truck?
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A comprehensive process for selecting a truck color requires some time and research. Truck Trend Network recommends using the Internet or stopping by car dealerships and truck shows to check out truck colors and design combinations. Customers can test ideas by doing a hand-drawn rendering or having one done by a professional. Customers should also compare a number of samples from the paint color book against their model of truck before making a final decision.

Though many believe that drivers of red vehicles receive more speeding tickets, there is no research to prove that this is more than an urban myth. However, car care experts do report that darker color paint coats require more maintenance as scratches stand out more on darker colors.

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