How Do You Choose a Mercedes Unimog?


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Choose an Umigog, a utility vehicle built by Mercedes-Benz, based on comfort, length of travel and capacity. A variety of Umigog models exists, including the 404, 416 and 435 models.

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How Do You Choose a Mercedes Unimog?
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The 404 Unimog is a good expedition vehicle at a lower price. The downside to these vehicles is that they have poor gas mileage and are uncomfortable in extreme temperatures. Another drawback is that parts are hard to find in remote areas, which can be problematic during travel. They have more capabilities than older Land Rovers and Land Cruisers and are larger and have more cargo capacity. Choose the 404 model for short-term, leisurely travel.

The 416 model has an OM 352 diesel engine, one of the best-rated engines in the world. Because the engine is very popular, parts are available in the most remote places. The vehicle also has fast axles and a tuned engine, making it capable of high-speed driving during expeditions.

The best vehicle for extreme expeditions is the 435 Umigog because it can pass through muddy and rutted trails as well as washed-out roads. It has a large weight capacity to store lots of food, water and fuel and has good range for long expeditions. This model is the most comfortable of the three but is also the most expensive.

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