How Do You Choose a KTM Dirt Bike?


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The most important consideration when selecting a KTM dirt bike is the intended use of the motorcycle, as KTM produces distinct models intended for MX racing, enduro events and general off-road use. Selecting a bike with an engine displacement appropriate to the rider and regulations is also important.

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How Do You Choose a KTM Dirt Bike?
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KTM's Freeride, Enduro and Adventure bikes are the company's motorcycle lines oriented for general off-road use as opposed to racing. The Freeride and Enduro series are traditional dirt bikes intended primarily for use on rough terrain, featuring a light frame and off-road suspension. In contrast, KTM characterizes the Adventure series as travel enduro bikes that are at home on both pavement and dirt trails. While they are not as capable as the Freeride or Enduro models on unpaved surfaces, the Adventure bikes are well-suited to riders looking to travel long distances where paved roads may be intermittent or nonexistent.

The MX series of bikes are intended for motocross racers and other riders who desire maximum speed and performance off-road. These bikes are offered with a number of engine displacements to suit different riders and restrictions for race events, from the KTM 50 Mini's engine that displaces 49 cubic centimeters to the 450-cubic centimeter engine on the 450-SX. Bikes such as the KTM 50 Mini and KTM 85-SX are also sized for younger riders in addition to offering more manageable engines.

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