How Do You Choose a Heavy-Duty Plow Attachment for a Truck?


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For heavy work, invest in a steel plow. Be careful that your truck can handle the weight of the plow you are considering. Decide if you need a straight plow to move more snow or a V-shape for more control. The type of plow may also depend on the truck.

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There are many different types of plows, ranging from cheaper personal use options to a heavy-duty one for commercial applications. For the latter, you need both a higher end plow and a large, powerful truck, such as a Chevrolet Silverado or a Ford F-Series Super Duty. Straight plows are generally preferred for this type of work because they can move more snow; however, the specific work you are performing should guide your choice of shape.

The average snowfall in your area is also a significant factor. Different plows excel at handling different situations. For example, a plow that is made for icy situations with little snow is different from one made for extreme amounts of snow.

Cost is also a major consideration. In the heavy-duty range of plows, cost can vary greatly. Make sure to consider the full cost of any plow option, including the initial price and maintenance. You should also consider re-sale value.

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