How Do You Choose a Good Boat Canopy?


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Choosing a good boat canopy, or bimini, requires choosing a frame model appropriate for the type of boat and choosing a suitable fabric in the desired color for the canopy. The owner must measure the boat and determine where and how to attach the canopy frame.

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Some canopy frames require that holes be drilled in the boat for mounting, while others are attached with clamps. How the frame is attached is determined by the measurements of the boat itself and by the boat owner's preference. Mount points can be drilled into the side rails or on the top or side of the gunwale. Canopy frames can be clamped onto an existing tower frame, if any.

Measuring the boat in a straight line between the mount points provides the width of the canopy needed. The length of the canopy is measured from the mounting points at the center of the boat to the desired length in each direction. The height of the canopy frame is measured from the mount point up to the desired height, including low-profile, standard and standing-room frame heights.

The selection of the fabric is determined by the climate and conditions where the boat is used and stored. Options to look for include breathability, tensile strength and resistance to water, mildew and UV damage.

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