How Do You Choose Engine Oil for a Mercedes?


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To choose the right engine oil for a Mercedes, refer to the service documentation that came with the car from the manufacturer. The documentation recommends the oil's proper viscosity range.

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How Do You Choose Engine Oil for a Mercedes?

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Another way to check the right engine oil for your Mercedes is by using an online search service, such as the one offered at Halfords.com. From the Engine Oil page, enter the car's registration number, then click Search. Alternatively, select Mercedes from the Make drop-down, select the car's year of manufacture, model, body type and engine type, and then click the Search button. After the search is complete, a page showing the recommended oils and their prices appears.

A similar service is available at AutoZone.com. From the home page, go to the Fluids and Chemicals tab, click on Engine Oil, fill in the details about your car, then click on Add Vehicle. Before submitting, ensure you select Mercedes Benz as the make of the car and that the rest of the details, such as the model of the car and its engine type, are correct. A page listing compatible engine oils appears.

However, since Mercedes cars run high-tech engines, they typically use full synthetic oil. Though full synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, it is also longer-lasting.

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