How Do You Choose a Driving School for Teens?


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When choosing a driving school for a teenager, look for a school that offers thorough behind-the-wheel training instruction and a wide curriculum that covers all of the critical aspects of driving, advises Teen Driver Source. It is important that driving schools not rush training, as all driving students learn at different speeds, and some teens require extra time for mastering problem areas.

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Research indicates that a strong partnership between driving school instructors and parents provides the best learning environment for a child, according to Teen Driver Source. Face-to-face interactions and solid communication between driving instructors and parents helps parents learn specific aspects of instruction they can reinforce when taking their teens driving.

Conduct research to ensure the driving school meets federal and state curriculum requirements and has not received disciplinary actions for violating licensing laws. Make sure the school meets all of your insurance company's requirements if you wish to use the driving lessons to receive a discount on your teen's insurance costs.

Seek advice from other parents and teens to find the best driving school in your area, advises Teen Driver Source. Before making a final decision, visit the driving schools you are considering for your teen, and ask questions about the instructor's credentials, the school's accreditation status, and details about the school's classroom and on-road curriculum.

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