How Do You Choose Dock Boards?


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Dock boards should be chosen with respect to their size, maximum capacity and the kind of equipment you intend to use with them. Different types of forklifts and trucks require different kinds of dock boards.

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The main consideration when choosing a dock board is weight. All dock boards should meet the minimum requirements for the loads they are intended to bear. In addition, dock boards used with three-wheeled forklifts need a higher capacity than those used with four-wheeled vehicles. If a dock board is intended for use over multiple shifts per day, it must have a higher capacity than otherwise indicated.

The width of the dock board should be chosen based on the width of the equipment it must bear. Dock boards should be at least 1 foot wider than the widest vehicle. Choosing a dock board with more width can make loading more efficient. Dock boards also require a certain level of clearance from the ground. Refrigerated trucks need a higher dock board than standard.

The length of a dock board is based upon ground clearance. Its length should be chosen based upon the heights of the trucks, the height of the dock and the capabilities of the loading equipment.

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