How Do You Choose the Correct Size of SKF Bearings?


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To choose the correct size of SKF bearings, first decide on the type of bearing and the service life required. Service type depends on the machine, operating conditions and operational reliability demands. Next, calculate the specific bearing load (p) and the mean sliding velocity (v), and consult the pv diagram.

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If the purchaser determines that the selected bearing can be used by consulting the pv diagram, the next step is calculating the basic rating service life by using the life equations. If a calculated service life is shorter than the requisite service life, the purchaser should choose a larger bearing and repeat the calculation. However, if the first check shows that the bearing exceeded the pv range, the purchaser should choose a bearing with a higher load carrying capacity.

The bearing size of SKF ball bearings is sometimes dictated to a degree by the dimensions of any associated parts. If that is the case, purchasers should first consult the pv diagram to make sure the selected bearing will work.

Selecting SKF bearings can be quite complicated for the everyday user, so it might be advisable to seek help from sales staff at a local or chain hardware store to ensure the proper purchase.

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