How Do You Choose the Correct Battery Cables?


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Selection of the right battery cables should be guided by specific traits, according to Driving Mamas. These traits include gauge, width, clamps and length. The cost of the cables should also be a selection factor.

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How Do You Choose the Correct Battery Cables?
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The gauge of battery cables should be considered primarily. All other factors actually rely on the gauge. The smaller the gauge, the better the cables. Battery cables that fall under gauge 4 are more than any car owner would require. Gauges 6 and 8 are efficient, but not the most effective. Cables that are above gauge 10 should be avoided.

The best battery cable clamps should be firm enough to hold onto the terminals strongly. Clamps that have teeth are considered best since they give an assurance of not slipping off the terminals.

Long battery cables are also good choices. Longer cables ensure that there is enough reach to connect the batteries between two vehicles.

Width and thickness of the battery cables should be moderate. They should neither be too thick nor too thin. However, buyers should note that width can be deceiving.

The cost of certain battery cables should dictate what to expect from them. The average price range of battery cables is $40 to $60 at Amazon.com, as of August 2015.

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