What Chevy Truck Parts Are Discontinued?


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The most commonly discontinued Chevy truck parts are the dashboard panel, seats, trims, headlights and taillights, and exterior metal panels, because these parts are usually updated with every year's model. A Chevy truck part is most likely discontinued if the truck model to which it belongs is discontinued as well.

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Chevrolet has ceased production of two of its trucks: the S-10 and the Avalanche. The S-10 was discontinued in 2003, while the Avalanche was discontinued in 2013. Nevertheless, automakers such as Chevrolet earn substantial business from the sale of replacement parts, so they generally continue to make parts for trucks that have been off the market for many years. An established brand, Chevrolet is part of a conglomerate that General Motors owns. General Motors owns other major vehicle brands as well, such as Cadillac, GMC and Buick.

In general, the older the truck, the harder it is to find available parts for sale. However, some third-party companies make parts for older vehicles at a discount. In addition, there are scrapyards and junkyards that sell used Chevy truck parts at bargain prices. If purchasing parts from a scrapyard or junkyard, make sure to evaluate each part carefully to confirm its condition.

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