How Do You Find Chevy S10 Used Auto Parts?


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To find used Chevy S-10 auto parts, search local junkyards, online used parts dealers, local parts stores and classified ads. Although some parts are best purchased new, body parts, engines and other durable components can often be transferred to another vehicle, potentially saving the buyer lots of money.

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First, call your local junkyards. Chevy S-10s are common, and it's likely one of them has what you need. Some junkyards keep loose parts in stock. Others may require searching for the right vehicle first and then removing the desired part. You may have to call several junkyards, but it's quicker than getting it shipped from out of town.

If your local junkyards don't have the part, look for online used parts dealers. Some websites are actually locator services that link the inventories of several suppliers from around the country. Other sites specialize in Chevrolet parts, increasing the odds of finding parts for an S-10. One of the top sites to check is eBay Motors, where dealers from around the country sell both new and used parts.

It's sometimes possible to purchase used parts through local parts stores. Although large chain stores normally sell only new parts, owners of smaller local stores may have connections to used parts suppliers.

You can also find used parts in the classified section of your local newspaper as well as in online classified ads. It may be harder to find exactly what you need this way, but if you do, you might get a better price on it from a buyer who's happy to sell it quickly.

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