What Are Some Chevy S10 Performance Parts and Their Features?


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Some Chevy S10 performance parts include Accel Dis Coil, Accel Wires, 2.2L Poweraid 1-inch throttle-body, and NOS PowerFogger Universal "wet" nitrous systems. Accel Dis Coil features a silicone magnetic steel core and a bodywork resembling a dome. Every high-gloss 8 mm double silicon Accel Wire has a precision-molded spark plug boot, spiral-wound alloy conductor and a heavy gauge. The 2.2L Poweraid features a helix bore design. The NOS PowerFogger features a 10-pound bottle, Soft Plume Fogger nozzle and a micro-switch.

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The spiral-wound alloy conductor and the heavy gauge of the Accel Wires provide a maximum voltage potential at the spark plug as they produce a resistance of 150 Ohms per foot. The wires come in a variety of colors. The Dis Coil works well with both aftermarket capacitive discharge and OE computer-controlled ignition systems. It also utilizes an efficient fuel consumption with zero higher energy spark.

The helix bore design of the 2.2L Poweraid spins the incoming air charge. The charge facilitates the atomization of the air and fuel mixture, allowing the Chevy S10 to gain power and improve combustion capabilities. The PowerFogger nitrous systems are available for four and six-cylinder engines, and they have a horsepower that is adjustable to a wide scale range. The micro-switch it possesses reads the open throttle. Most of these parts come with mounting hardware and instructional guides.

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