How Does a Chevy Kodiak Rate Compared to Other Trucks?


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The Chevrolet Kodiak rates fairly high among medium-duty truck brands due to its ease of handling and durability. However, its size causes it to have low gas mileage, and it may be more truck than the average driver needs.

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How Does a Chevy Kodiak Rate Compared to Other Trucks?
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The Kodiak is popular among certain businesses, as well as horse owners who often haul large trailers. It is highly rated for its ability to pull heavy loads. A Bloomberg review noted that it only gets about 12 miles per gallon, though that number does not substantially decrease even when hauling heavy loads. The cabin is lower to the ground than many other medium-duty trucks, which makes it easy to enter and exit. The Kodiak is also substantially less expensive than many other medium-duty trucks, especially if buyers choose a model without optional features, such as a built-in navigation system.

However, medium-duty trucks, such as the Kodiak, are often unnecessary for even serious recreational haulers or smaller businesses. Most horse owners, camper trailer haulers and small business owners may have better results with a smaller truck with appropriate hauling capacity. Towing packages can help smaller trucks handle large loads easier, and they are usually less expensive and have better fuel efficiency than a medium-duty truck such as the Kodiak. This is especially true if the truck is being used for other purposes besides just hauling heavy loads. Medium-duty trucks can also be difficult or expensive for a recreational owner to insure.

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