What Are Some Chevy Engine Light Codes?


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There are numerous engine light codes, including P0342, P1105 and P1201. Engine light codes can cover almost any part of the engine, but require a tool in order to find out what the code the car is putting off is. There are manufacturer specific codes, as well as generic codes, that can appear.

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P0342 is an indicator that the vehicle is having issues with the camshaft position sensor. The signal is low in this case, meaning that the system is having trouble reading its position. This can cause a number of issues with fuel injection and causing the spark plugs to not fire correctly. If this situation is let go for too long, it can possibly lead to the engine losing a rod or cracking the head of the engine.

While not all of the codes that come up on an engine lite code are catastrophic failures, they can become much worse if neglected. It is best if the issue with the car is repaired as soon as possible. The codes can range from vacuum issues, like the P1105 code, to gas intake problems, like the P1201 code. If someone does not have the tool to check the code themselves, they can take the vehicle to a local repair center or automotive parts store to have the codes checked.

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