What Are Chevrolet Crate Motors?


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Named as such because they come in a crate, rather than as part of a car, crate motors are stand-alone engines that customers purchase for projects, or as replacements for existing motors. Chevrolet manufactures and sells around 50 different varieties of crate engine.

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Chevrolet's crate engines range from the four-cylinder, turbocharged LTG, which makes 272 horsepower and 295 foot-pounds of torque, to the eight-cylinder, 7.4-liter LSX454R, which makes 770 horsepower and 612 foot-pounds of torque. Chevrolet's crate engines come in various forms of completion to suit customers' needs. The LSX454R, for example, comes without a turbo or supercharger, but can easily accept one if the owner so desires.

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