How Do You Check the VIN Number on a Snowmobile?

To check the VIN number on a snowmobile, locate the number on the vehicle and then contact the manufacturer. This provides you with detailed information regarding the history of the vehicle.

To locate the VIN on a snowmobile, go toward the right side of the vehicle and look toward the bottom of the side for the VIN plate. Normally, the plate is positioned on the body of the snowmobile about 3 inches beneath the lower edge of the seat. Also, the plate is located nearer to the rear side of the seat than its front.

Once the VIN plate is located, note the code printed on it. A snowmobile VIN is comprised of 17 alphabetic and numeric characters.

If the VIN plate cannot be located or is illegible, look for the number on the legal ownership title. All applicable titles always have the VIN printed on them. Additionally, note that snowmobiles manufactured prior to 1981 do not possess a VIN number.

When you contact the manufacturer of the snowmobile, provide the VIN number to obtain the vehicle's history. The VIN for a snowmobile cannot be verified using the online services that offer detailed reports of vehicle history, since such services only offer VIN checks for passenger vehicles.