How Do You Check Your VIN Number Online?


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To find a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), look at the driver-side corner of the dashboard through the windshield. Once you find the VIN, you can use it to obtain a vehicle history report online through third-party services.

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How Do You Check Your VIN Number Online?
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If the car’s VIN isn’t located on the dashboard, check the front area of the engine block, the rear wheel well or the front of the vehicle frame close to the container holding windshield washer fluid. You can also check the interior of the driver-side doorjamb or the driver-side doorpost. Another possible location for the VIN is below the spare tire. Read the manufacturer’s manual to determine the exact location if necessary.

The VIN for vehicles manufactured after 1980 contain a combination of 17 letters and numerals. The VIN serves as a unique identification of a car’s identity and reveals comprehensive information about a vehicle, including its model, year and manufacturer.

Once you find the car’s VIN, you can order a vehicle history report online to discover its previous owner, accident history, title history and problems with the odometer setting. The report is essential for prospective buyers who want to review the car thoroughly and seller who want to earn buyers’ confidence.

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