Where Do You Check Your VIN Number on an Old Car?

Owners can find most vehicle identification numbers for old vehicles on the dashboard on the driver’s side where the dashboard meets the windshield. Manufacturers also often place the vehicle identification number on the door post on the driver’s side.

If the vehicle identification number is not visible in these areas, owners can check other areas in the car, including the front of the engine block, under the hood near the windshield washer fluid reservoir, above the tire in the rear wheel well or underneath spare tires. The vehicle manual can assist an owner in locating the vehicle identification number for various makes and models.

Insurance companies often print the vehicle identification number on insurance cards and policy documents, and owners can also look for the number on vehicle titles and registration cards. A number of other documents may include the vehicle identification number, such as owner’s manuals, automobile repair records and receipts, police reports and vehicle history reports.

An owner who is still unable to locate the vehicle identification number can contact the manufacturer or dealership for assistance. If the vehicle was manufactured prior to 1954, it may not have a vehicle identification number. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not begin to require them for all vehicles until 1954.