How Do You Check the Tire Pressure on a Mercedes Benz?


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Check the tire pressure on a newer Mercedes by selecting the "Service" menu from your instrument panel display, scrolling down to the "Tire Pressure" option and pressing "OK." The screen then shows a top-down view of your vehicle with tire pressures for each individual tire. If you have an older model Mercedes, check tire pressure using a standard tire pressure gauge.

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If you drive a Mercedes manufactured before the auto maker introduced its electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring System, you can check your tire pressure using a handheld tire pressure gauge. Before using a tire pressure gauge, make sure the car's tires are cold, as tires can give false readings immediately after a drive. Use a tire pressure gauge by removing the protective plastic cap that covers each tire's valve stem. With the cap removed, press the tire pressure gauge onto the valve stem firmly. Read the tire pressure gauge to determine whether or not your tires require air.

A common mistake many drivers make when reading tire pressure is using the pressure rating listed on the tire itself to determine if the tire is over or underfilled. The value on the tire sidewall is actually the maximum suggested pressure specified by the tire manufacturer, not the rating suggested by the vehicle's manufacturer. Find the actual suggested pressure rating for your tires by consulting your vehicle's owner's manual.

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