How Do You Check the Tire Pressure in Goodyear Tires?

To check the tire pressure in Goodyear tires, use a tire gauge to read the existing pressure in the tires, and compare it with the recommended tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure is given in the owner's manual, on the edge of the vehicle's door, the fuel door, the door post or the door of the glove box.

Before checking the pressure of Goodyear tires, ensure that the tires are completely cool. Ideally, do not drive the vehicle even for one mile, as this distance is enough to make the tires hot. When the tires become hot, air pressure within them increases. For this reason, check the tire pressure before driving to a local pump to fill air.

To use the tire gauge to check the pressure of Goodyear tires, first take off the valve cap. Position the gauge firmly over the valve. Note the pressure reading on the gauge.

If the pressure is below the recommended level, put air in the tires. If the pressure is above the recommended level, release excess air by pressing the metal stem at the valve's center using a pen's tip or fingernail. In both cases, check the tire pressure again. If the recommended pressure is achieved, remove the gauge, and replace the valve cap. Look for any embedded objects in the tires such as nails and cuts or irregularities in the tires' sidewalls that could cause air leakage.