How Do You Check the Suspension Status of a Driver's License?

Request a driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state to check the suspension status of a driver’s license. Driving records typically contain information about the validity, suspension or cancellation of a license, traffic accidents, driving record points, and DUI public records.

In addition to the status of a driver’s license, a driving record shows details about traffic law violations, fines and convictions. The Secretary of State, Motor Vehicle Division, Department of Public Safety and Department of Revenue are other government departments where you can order a driving record for a fee. Avoid using third-party websites claiming that you can access your driving record for free, because they usually offer limited information.

The types of driving records government departments and agencies offer include a driving history, a certified or noncertified record, an online driving record, or a motor vehicle report. Driving records either contain full information about a person’s entire driving history or the individual’s driving history for several years.

Reasons for a license suspension include getting a DUI or DWI, having numerous traffic violations, receiving lots of driving record points, neglecting to pay child support, and refusing to appear in court. Anyone with a suspended driver’s license must avoid driving for a certain period, complete a defensive driving course, obtain an SR22 from his insurance provider and pay a reinstatement fee to reinstate the license.