How Do You Check Your Motor VIN Number?

To check your motor VIN, check the car or contact the owner to determine the VIN, and use a website such as Carfax or the National Insurance Car Bureau to run a VIN check using the number. Also, check if a local DMV performs a basic VIN check.

The VIN is normally located on the dashboard or the door frame on the driver's side. It is also mentioned on the vehicle's registration papers and insurance cards. Alternatively, contact the vehicle's owner or the dealer to know the VIN.

To run a VIN check, access the relevant websites. Check from where these sites source the information, if fee payment is involved, and if they provide unlimited VIN checks for a short period. Normally, these sites provide the basic information pertaining to customer complaints, recalls, theft and salvage for free. Detailed reports entail fee payment.

For example, the NICB website reports vehicle theft without recovery or salvage for free as sourced from its member insurance firms. The NICB website allows every IP address to perform a VIN check for a maximum of five times within 24 hours. To use this website, enter the vehicle's VIN number in the box given, check the Terms and Conditions box, and type in a verification code. Then, click on Search.

To use the Carfax website, enter the VIN, and click Go. This website checks a VIN for registration, title and repair information, accident and lemon history, odometer readings, and usage