How Do You Check Your Eligibility for a BMV Refund in Indiana?

To check your eligibility for a BMV refund in Indiana as of 2015, go to the BMV refund Web page, enter the information requested and click the Login button to see if you have a refund available. If a refund is available, you can get a check sent to you.

BMV is refunding motorists that were overcharged for fees by them. These adjustments are automatically given to motorists as a credit in their next financial transaction with BMV. However, you can get a refund by check if you have not had any further transactions with BMV.

These refunds are not related to the class action lawsuit settlement from Raab v. Waddell and Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, regarding fee overcharges for driver's licences. To find out if you are entitled to a refund for that settlement, fill out the application on the BMV DL Settlement page. Refund requests for this settlement must be made before Dec. 15, 2016.

The information you need to submit to find out about your eligibility for either refund is your name as it appears on your Indiana driver’s license, and your Indiana driver’s license number from your license or ID card or your Social Security number.