How Do You Check a Driver's License Online?


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Many states, such as Washington and Florida, allow residents to check the status and eligibility of their driver's licenses online by going to their state's Department of Motor Vehicles government website and opening up a "Online Driver's License Status" application. After entering the required information, the application will show whether or not the user's driver's license is valid.

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There are many reasons why a driver's license could be suspended or invalidated, such as failure to pay a traffic violation fine, loss of points, poor vision or delinquency in child support. The punishments and regulations on driver's licenses vary by state, but many states have online applications that help users to check on the status of their license. Use the following steps to check a driver's license online.

  1. Go to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles government website
  2. Individuals should search through their state's government website and find a link to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles page.

  3. Locate the "Driver's License" page and a link to an online driver's license check application
  4. If the state allows for an online driver's license check, the link will be located under the "Driver's License" information page. Click on the link.

  5. Fill out all of the required information
  6. The application will ask for the driver's license number, and possibly other information such as a Social Security number. Fill out the information and continue to determine the status and validity of a driver's license.

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