How Do You Find the Cheapest Oil Change Locally?

In order to find the cheapest local oil change, use a discount website, such as Groupon, and search for any auto shops that maintenance specials. The search engine on Groupon allows a user to quickly select the area and service they want, at discounted prices.

Groupon is a coupon-specific website that connects millions of consumers to thousands of businesses from around the United States. Businesses are able to host special discounts online where consumers can make the purchases and print out a voucher, which they can bring into each store to redeem. This same process applies to auto shops that provide services.

In order to use Groupon, follow these instructions.

  1. Pick the location
  2. Input the general location to search for, which can either be a ZIP code or city name.

  3. Type in the service
  4. In the search bar, type in the desired service.

  5. Observe the results
  6. Scroll through the received results and choose the best option. The availability of the results depends on whether or not any registered businesses are hosting specials at that given time.

  7. Make the purchase
  8. Purchase the discounted oil change service, using either PayPal or a credit card. Groupon will then request a registration, so the user can enter into their account and print out the purchased voucher.