How Do You Find the Cheapest Driving Lessons in Your Area?

To find the cheapest driving lessons in your area, use business listings, such as those on the Yellow Pages, to look up nearby driving schools that offer those types of lessons. Call the schools or visit their websites to learn about their pricing.

You can take driving lessons in a classroom, on a computer or with a driving instructor. Classroom and online classes teach information about driving, such as driving laws and the meaning of road signs. Drivers typically take these types of classes before taking a written driving exam or performing actual driving. Lessons with a driving instructor teach driving skills, and drivers usually take these types of classes before a driving test.

Some driver's education programs offer both a written component and an on the road component, while others only offer one of these. If you need both written and on the road lessons, keep that in mind when comparing pricing. A program that offers both may be a better deal overall than taking two programs.

One way to save money on a driving instructor is asking family or friends who have driving experience for instruction. Some states allow a parent or guardian to act as a driving instructor for students under 18 years of age. Others require those drivers to receive instruction from a professional driving instructor.