How Do You Know If a Cheap Used Scooter Is Reliable?

cheap-used-scooter-reliable Credit: Feargus Cooney/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

To know if a used scooter is reliable, a buyer can have the scooter inspected by a mechanic before purchase. Additionally, buyers should avoid purchasing any scooters sight-unseen.

Replacement parts are crucial for maintaining reliable scooters. Buyers should prioritize scooter models with readily available parts in their local regions. Scooter brands known for reliability include Yamaha, Honda, Genuine and PIaggio. Vintage scooters are generally less reliable than newer models.

Typically, 49 cc scooters are sufficient for casual use. Scooters in this range usually have a maximum speed of about 35 mph. Alternatively, 150 cc scooters are much faster and are ideal for long, regular commutes. Every scooter buyer should invest in a DOT-approved helmet; in some states, this is the law.

A motor scooter is a type of motorcycle with a step-through frame and spaces for drivers to rest their feet.

Released by Hildebrand & Wolfmuller in 1894, the world's first motorcycle featured a scooter-like step-through frame. The first true motor scooters were the Motoped and the Autoped, both released in 1915. Motor scooter sales accelerated in 2008 as the global economic crisis took its toll. Some economical motor scooters can achieve fuel efficiency of 90 miles per gallon or more.