How Do You Get a Cheap Steering Column?


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Shoppers can find cheap steering columns by comparing prices for the part on the websites of discount auto part dealers; they can also find good prices by searching the steering column inventory at junkyards. Consumers can use Car-Part.com to search for the fair market value of parts in their area. They may also use coupons and rebates to pay less. Additionally, websites such as eBay.com sell affordable steering columns and the parts necessary to install them.

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To find a cheap steering column at a junkyard, visit a local yard and purchase one from its inventory. Junkyards typically charge extra for the labor involved in removing parts from vehicles; shoppers who remove the parts themselves are only charged for the part. In some cases, junkyards also charge a nominal entry fee. They usually charge standard prices based on the part.

Shoppers must use their own tools to remove parts; to remove a steering column, for example, one needs to bring a pry bar, hammer, ratchets, a hacksaw and screwdrivers. They should ensure the parts they choose are undamaged and complete before purchasing them. Consumers can call ahead to confirm that a particular yard has the correct steering column model in stock. Junkyards are the best option for shoppers who need a rare steering column, or who require one made by a specific manufacturer.

Car-Part.com enables users to search for millions of parts; shoppers can use the distance search to check for the average price of a steering column in their area. For example, near Boston, Massachusetts, a steering column for a Toyota Celica costs between $50 and $150, as of October 2015. This information gives shoppers a basis for bargaining for the best price on a steering column.

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