How Do You Get Cheap Motorhome Rentals?


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One way to find affordable motorhome rentals is to rent directly from motorhome and RV rental companies instead of car rental companies. Another option is to rent a motorhome with a basic starter kit. Another way for individuals to lessen the cost is to check with their insurance companies to see if motorhome or RV rentals are covered in their policies to avoid paying for additional insurance from the rental company.

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Many car rental companies only offer one or two options in motorhome rentals because the companies do not specialize in that kind of vehicle. Research companies in your area, and call or go to their websites to get an idea of their rental prices. A motorhome or RV rental company's website likely allows you to search for a possible rental using criteria such as a maximum price, location and the preferred kind of vehicle.

Always check the rental package before signing a contract because many rental agreements include a number of miles allowed in the final price, and any mileage over that number leads to additional costs. Another cost to ask about is whether weekend miles are more expensive than weekday miles. Renting during certain seasons is another way to get a better price. Often, renting during the summer and winter are more expensive than spring and fall.

Choosing an appropriate size for a trip is important for mitigating the cost of a rental. Class A motorhomes suit four or more people and usually have a better rental price, but they tend to cost more in gas. Class B vehicles are sized for two people, and while they cost slightly more to rent, they have better mileage and are more maneuverable. Other options are available, and rental company representatives can provide specific details and recommendations.

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