What Are Some Cheap Electric Bike Costs?


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Some cheap electric bikes cost anywhere between $500 and $700. However, the cost varies depending on other factors such as the type of battery, unique features, current condition and general performance. To find the cheapest electric bikes online, compare prices on various e-commerce websites such as Amazon.com, eBay.com and Craigslist.com.

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On Amazon, some cheap electronic bikes include the Cyclamatic Power Plus E-Bike Black, Cyclamatic FoldAway E-Bike and 250Webike by erolling, as of 2015. The cost of the Cyclamatic Power Plus E-Bike on Amazon is $569 and $585 for the Cyclamatic FoldAway model. Both bikes come with lithium-ion batteries that cover approximately 45 kilometers.

On eBay, the average price range of the cheapest electric bikes is between $549 and $750. The X-Treme XB305 electric bike sold on eBay costs $549 while the Trail Maker X-Treme XB300 goes for $750, as of 2015. On Craigslist.com, electronic bikes for sale are also available for as low as $400. However, the price varies depending on whether the bikes are used or brand new.

Before buying an electronic bike, take it for a test ride to check its condition and weight. The lifestyle of the buyer should also be considered when deciding whether additional features such as rear storage racks and in-built fenders are important.

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