What Are Some Cheap Auto Painting Options?

Choice Auto Paint and Body and Maaco offer inexpensive paint options that fit into almost any budget. As of October 2015, Choice Auto Paint paints an entire car for around $600 and Maaco offers paint specials ranging from $200 to $400, note both companies' respective websites.

Choice Auto Paint and Body offers a complete paint job called the Choice Plus Urethane that comes with a machine sand and two coats of either black or white paint. Those who can spend a little more may opt for the Choice Supreme Urethane paint job, which includes a machine sanding, three coats of paint and an integrated top coat. As a form of comparison, Choice Auto Paint and Body's most expensive paint job, called the Ultimate Choice Paint Job, sells for around $2,000 as of 2015 and comes with a lifetime warranty, states ChoiceAutoPaint.com. Included is wet sanding, a premium base coat, three coats of base paint and three coats of top coat.

Maaco runs sales and promotions on whole-car paint jobs. These paint jobs run anywhere from $200 and up as of 2015, but often do not include areas on the car such as door jambs, notes Maaco.com. In business since 1972, Maaco offers a nationwide warranty and other services such as body repairs and free estimates. The Basic Maaco paint job includes one coat of paint and a top coat. In comparison, the Platinum paint job is the company's most expensive and includes chip and scratch repair, priming, sanding and a urethane sealer.