How Do You View Chaya Brothers' Online Inventory?

How Do You View Chaya Brothers' Online Inventory?

Chaya Brothers Auto & Salvage maintains an online listing of its current inventory as of 2015, as found at its official website. In addition to English, the page is available in Chinese, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Polish.

Prospective buyers are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of all information provided in the listings prior to making a purchase. All vehicles are sold as is without warranties, as noted by Chaya Brothers Auto & Salvage. To view the company's current inventory, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Chaya Brothers Auto & Salvage website
  2. Go to the website of Chaya Brothers Auto & Salvage by using a browser.

  3. View the inventory
  4. Click the "Inventory" link in the header menu. The page will display Chaya Brothers Auto & Salvage's current stock. To view more than 20 listings per page, click the "Number of listings per page" drop-down menu and select "50" or "100." The page will automatically reload and display the results. To go to the next page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Next" link. The inventory page displays the vehicle's name, title, mileage, price, thumbnail image, stock number and other brief information.

  5. View a specific listing
  6. To view a particular listing, click the link for the vehicle's name or its thumbnail. The listing will display further information, such as its vehicle identification number, condition and transmission as well as detailed photographs of the automobile from different angles, if available.