What Is a Charter Flight?

charter-flight Credit: Wo st 01/CC-BY-3.0

A charter flight is a trip in an airplane or helicopter that is booked for a specific destination by one person or a group of people. It is often more expensive than a normal flight, but exact pricing depends upon the type of aircraft, destination, fuel and crew charges.

Charter flights are often used by groups of sightseers, businessmen or sports teams. The advantage of charter flights is that the passengers have the plane or helicopter to themselves, and do not have to worry about having to interact with random passengers aboard the flight. Additionally, the flight schedule can be customized to the passenger's needs, rather than an airline's strict timetable.

The primary disadvantage to charter flights is that the person or persons who arrange for the flight are solely responsible for the associated costs. For example, if eight friends charter a plane for sightseeing, the entire cost must be paid by those eight people.