How Do You Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

How Do You Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

To charge a motorcycle battery, hook up the battery to a motorcycle battery charger, and turn on the charger. You need pliers, a motorcycle battery charger, distilled water, goggles for eye protection and gloves.

  1. Put on your safety accessories, and remove the battery

    Put on your goggles and gloves, and use pliers to remove the battery. Make sure the terminal connections are not corroded.

  2. Fill the chamber with distilled water

    Remove the caps covering the chamber, and fill the chamber with distilled water.

  3. Connect the cables

    Connect the positive cable on the charger to the positive terminal on the battery. Connect the negative cable to the negative terminal.

  4. Turn on the power, and wait for the battery to charge

    Insert the charger's plug into an electrical outlet, and turn on the power. Wait for the battery to charge, then return everything to its rightful place.