How Do You Charge a Delco Voyager Marine Battery?


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Charge a Delco Voyager marine battery using a trickle charger. Watch the gauge on the charger or the Delco eye, and disconnect the charger when the battery reads fully charged. Overcharging a battery causes as much damage as undercharging it.

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Place the battery in a battery tray for charging. Locate the charger so the leads reach the battery and the power cord reaches the outlet. Set the charger for the appropriate voltage and charging speed. Connect the red lead to the positive post of the battery and the black lead to the negative post. Plug the charger into an outlet and start charging the battery.

The Declo eye on these batteries indicates the amount of discharge. If the eye remains bright green, the battery is approximately 70 percent charged and requires a minimum of 8 hours charging time. If the eye is dark, the battery is between 50 and 70 percent charged. It requires a minimum of 12 hours to restore to a full charge. Batteries with a red eye are below 50 percent charged and require a slow charge for at least 24 hours. When batteries display the red eye, they are in danger of developing a lead sulphate buildup, which often leads to battery failure.

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