How Do You Charge Deep Cycle Batteries?

How Do You Charge Deep Cycle Batteries?

When charging Deep Cycle batteries, read the instructions on the charger carefully before hooking up your battery to the device, and follow the recharge steps to the letter. You may use any 10- to 15-amp battery charger to recharge Deep Cycle batteries. Place the battery in a well-ventilated area, and keep it away from sparks or flames for your protection, as batteries emit explosive gases.

Remove any jewelry from your body, and wear goggles, gloves and work clothes. If the battery has vent caps, remove the caps, and confirm the battery's water level. Top off with distilled water if the level is low, and then return the caps. Do not overfill. If the battery is frozen, let the battery warm to above 32 degrees Fahrenheit before charging.

Use a hydrometer to test the battery's specific gravity. You may also use a voltmeter to check its state of charge.

Attach the charger's leads to the corresponding battery terminals, and then set the charger to the proper settings for your battery. Plug the charger into a power socket, and turn it on. Once the battery reaches full charge, turn off and unplug the charger.

Certain Deep Cycle battery charger models have timers and sensors that automatically adjust the current and length of charge as necessary, before turning themselves off once the battery reaches full charge. If you do not have the proper recharge settings for your battery, or if you do not have charge-measuring tools such as a hydrometer or voltmeter, purchasing this type of Deep Cycle battery charger is highly recommended.