What Are Some Characteristics of the Best Midsize Cars?


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As of 2015, many of the most highly rated midsize cars have good fuel economy while also providing ample acceleration. Many of the best cars also have traction control systems and automated braking.

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What Are Some Characteristics of the Best Midsize Cars?
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While various government agencies have encouraged car manufacturers to provide better fuel economy, consumer demand has made fuel economy a top priority for many drivers. Hybrid systems, which recapture energy when braking to power a secondary engine in the car, typically offer the best efficiency. Some of the top midsize cars in the United States, like the Volkswagen Golf TDI, provide excellent fuel economy by using diesel. These cars generally offer peppy acceleration as well.

Buyers often seek advanced safety features on new midsize vehicles, and larger airbag systems have become common on cars at all price levels. In addition to provide standard driver and passenger airbags, these systems also have airbags that deploy on the sides of the windows and even around the driver's legs.

Computer-controlled safety systems have become common on the top midsize vehicles as well. Traction control systems use sensors to detect how much grip the wheels have and make adjustments to keep them from losing traction and spinning out; experts credit these systems with preventing accidents. Another relatively new feature that has become more popular is automatic breaking. When the sensors detect that the vehicle needs to start braking to avoid an accident, these systems automatically apply the brakes.

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