What Are the Characteristics of a Harley Biker Babe?


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The characteristics of a Harley biker babe are much the same as those of her male counterparts: loyal, patriotic and individualistic. These characteristics are exemplified by her vehicle of choice, whether she prefers to drive the motorcycle or ride on the back of it.

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Harley Davidson enthusiasts often have strongly-held opinions about their favorite models, but share a great loyalty when it comes to the overall brand; this does not vary based on the sex of the individual. Male and female riders remain one of the most tightly-knit groups amongst motorcycle communities, and share a common admiration for the Harley mystique.

Patriotism is an important quality of male and female Harley riders. The image of a Harley "biker babe" is typically associated with a love of touring the American countryside, sporting American flags and American flag shirts, and cruising on a vehicle that is manufactured primarily in the United States.

Individuality within the Harley Davidson community varies wildly, but Harley biker babes are commonly identified by black t-shirts, jeans, sunglasses, tattoos and riding boots. This look dates back to early riding clubs and derives inspiration from motorcycle movies. Despite an outwardly tough appearance, the look does not necessarily indicate a tendency toward violence or criminal activity.

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