What Are Some Characteristics of Good First Cars?

characteristics-good-first-cars Credit: Laitr Keiows/CC-BY-3.0

There are many characteristics of a good first car, including how well it fits into the buyer's budget, safety ratings and options, a solid reliability record and type of vehicle, according to CARFAX. Due to safety concerns, a good first car should be one that ranges in size from small to large sedans to trucks and SUVs rather than subcompact cars, which have the highest fatality ratings out of any group of cars.

When looking at a first car, consumers should search for vehicles that fit into their lifestyle, which can mean purchasing a compact car or sedan, as well as a hatchback, convertible or SUV. A good first car should have the desired amount of space and versatility for the driver's needs, such as a hatchback or wagon for consumers who need plenty of storage and cargo space. Safety features are an important consideration, and well-equipped vehicles include antilock brake systems, airbags in the front and sides, head injury protection and child protection equipment.

According to Forbes, with regard to safety, electronic stability control, or ESC, is considered to be a potential life-saver in a vehicle, as it can promote accident prevention by accurately sensing when the vehicle loses traction or control, ultimately correcting the vehicle. Some drivers may opt for certain features in a vehicle, including a sunroof or moon roof, power doors and windows, remote start, Bluetooth connectivity or leather upholstery.