What Are Some Characteristics of Futuristic Robot Cars?


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The most important features of a futuristic, self-driving vehicle are sensors, computers and GPS access. Sensors and the processing power of computers combine to tell the vehicle where it is and what is around it at all times, and the power and complexity of both are important to future vehicles.

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As of 2014, modern cars already have several automated tasks that they can do without human input, such as establishing cruising speeds behind other cars or parallel parking. Important changes and updates necessary for future self-driving vehicles include combining crash-avoidance systems, self-driving functions and self-destination plotting computers and interior modifications, which focus more on the comfort of occupants who no longer need to pay attention to the road. Networking between future vehicles allows the computers to share individual sensor information and provides benefits such as live road mapping and instantaneous response to accidents and road conditions ahead. Integrating electrical motors with solar power, hydrogen or air compression systems to extend the range of a vehicle without having to rely on fossil fuels for combustion is also key to automotive construction moving forward. Once cars can drive themselves and human input is no longer required, interior distractions, such as improved Internet access and other entertainment options can expand.

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