What Are Some Characteristics of the '57 Ford Fairlane?


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A few characteristics of various Ford Fairlane models include low tailfins, soft-and hard-top convertibles, Victoria body styles and club sedans. Ford introduced the second generation of Fairlanes in 1957, highlighted by the release of the Fairlane 500 Skyliner, which featured the convertible hardtop. Several other Fairlane and Fairlane 500 editions and body variations were available in 1957, including the Sunliner.

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Fairlanes were produced in two series, the standard and the 500, and two engine types were produced for each. The second-generation Fairlanes were wider, longer and lower than their predecessors, and they featured low tailfins for a sleeker look. The 500 Skyliner was the centerpiece of the 1957 Fairlanes, because it was the world's first auto to boast a convertible hardtop. However, at $400 more than the soft-top convertible Sunliner, it was more of a curiosity than a bestseller. The Fairlane's trunk was larger in 1957, and the gas tank was moved from under the trunk to behind the seat. The Skyliner's hardtop folded into the trunk, taking up most of its space.

Fairlanes in 1957 were available in two- or four-door town and club sedans or Victoria body styles, in addition to the convertible line. The standard and 500 series gave the option of a six-cylinder or V8 engine. The Fairlane 500 series sold significantly more in 1957 than the standard series.

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