How Do You Change a Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly?

To change a wheel bearing hub assembly, remove the wheel and rotor, disconnect the anti-lock braking system, unscrew the hub assembly from the knuckle, clean the knuckle, secure the new assembly onto the knuckle and reassemble the wheel. Jack up the vehicle before attempting this task.

Park the vehicle on level ground. Using a breaking bar and a socket, loosen the lug nuts of the wheel, but don't remove them from the hub. Once loose, jack up the vehicle at the wheel, remove the nuts and detach the wheel from the vehicle. Using a ratchet and a socket, loosen off the caliper bolts and pull out the caliper. Loosen off any caliper bridge bolts, and remove the brake pads.

Detach the rotor from the hub, hitting it with a rubber mallet as needed. Disconnect the anti-lock braking system wires from the hub, unscrew the spindle nut and pry out the washer located behind the nut.

Unscrew the bolts that attach the hub assembly to the knuckle, remove the backing plate and pull out the assembly. Sand the knuckle of any corrosion with fine-grit sandpaper, replace the backing plate, place in the new assembly, align the assembly with the anti-lock braking system and secure it in place with bolts. Put back the washer and spindle nut, and torque the nut accordingly. Reattach the brakes, reconnect the anti-lock braking system lines, reattach the wheel and lug nuts, lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts correctly.