How Do You Change the Transmission Fluid on a John Deere?


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To change the transmission fluid (or transaxle oil) in a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle 4x2 raise the cargo box, remove drain plug located on the underside of machine, drain oil, and replace the drain plug. Remove dipstick located on top of transaxle housing, wipe clean and then add oil.

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When removing the drain plug it is also a good idea to inspect the O-ring for any wear and tear and replace if needed. Any dirt or debris that enters the oil as a result of a missing or damaged O-ring may damage the transmission.

After adding new oil, make sure to check the oil level with the dipstick and add more oil if necessary. On John Deere transmissions use oil viscosity that correlates to the air temperature during the period of use. HY-GARD (JDM J20C) is the recommended oil to use. Do not use engine oil or mix another oil in the transmission to avoid damaging the engine.

If the brakes of the John Deere Gator make a noise when used, it is likely that you should change the transaxle oil then rather than wait until the next scheduled service. Only check and change oil when oil is cool and the engine is not running. Hot oil expands and shows incorrect oil levels.

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